We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
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The Adventurer

An essential for outdoor enthusiasts, the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker lets you share your location with loved ones while you explore 


Secure the device to yourself or your gear.

Track its location on the Breadcrumb app.

Activate the light and/or sound beacons to pinpoint its exact position.

We encourage every adventurer to find new frontiers and blaze new trails. That’s why we built the perfect companion for those who are never done exploring. The Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker allows you to share your last-known location with your friends and loved ones so that they can quickly and easily find you if your trip doesn’t go quite as planned. Simply pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with your smartphone, and its GPS coordinates will be immediately accessible with those people you give permission to. While you and your device are in cell coverage, your last known location will be mapped on their phone. When you are out of cell coverage, they can go to the last known location and connect their phones with your device via our long-range Bluetooth from up to 150 yards, allowing them to eventually pinpoint your location through the app’s proximity indicator and activate light and sound on the device via Bluetooth. 

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Peace of Mind on Any Path 

For trail runners and hikers, falls and injuries are unfortunate, but very real possibilities. With the Breadcrumb Location Marker, you’re able to attach your device to your arm or pack and share its location with a friend you’re with or a family member back home — ensuring that your location is discoverable if an unforeseen event occurs. Campers, you can secure your device to yourself or your kids so that the device’s whereabouts are trackable from the smartphone it’s paired with. Even at night, the marker’s five ultra-bright LED lights and sound emitter can be triggered with the push of a button by anyone up to 150 yards. Wherever you may be headed, don’t embark on your next adventure without a Breadcrumb Location Marker.

Operates Without Cellular Reception 

The Bluetooth-enabled marker lets you share your last known location via the free Breadcrumb app when in cell coverage and can connect via Bluetooth, even in areas that don’t have cell service. 

Equipped With Light & Sound Emitters

If the marker is out of eyesight, its 5 ultra-bright LED lights & sound emitter can be triggered to aid in the search.

Equipped With Light & Sound Beacons

Effortlessly find your campsite in the dark by remotely activating its LED lights or sound beacon.

Locks Out The Elements

The durable polycarbonate case & o-ring ensure your marker functions in the worst weather conditions.