We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
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The Fisherman

With the Breadcrumb Location Marker, your loved ones no longer have to worry while you’re out on the water.


Secure the device to yourself or your gear.

Track its location on the Breadcrumb app.

Activate the light and/or sound beacons to pinpoint its exact position.

Every true angler has a story or two about an intense experience on water. Whether you’ve been knocked off balance by a strong current or slipped overboard when things got choppy — you know how quickly the tables can turn out there. The waterproof Breadcrumb Location Marker allows you to share your exact location so that they can pinpoint your whereabouts in the event of an emergency.

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Keep A Line On Your Location

Thanks to the Location Marker's advanced technology, you can pair it with as many friends’ or family members’ devices as you would like, increasing the odds that you can be easily found. Simply enter their emails from the free Breadcrumb app to grant them access to your Marker’s location. They’ll be able to see your last-known location via GPS. And when they get within 150 yards of your location, they’ll be able to narrow the search by activating the Marker’s sound and light emitters. Whether you choose to attach the Location Marker to your vest, waist pack, or another piece of gear, the Breadcrumb Location Marker allows you to enjoy your time on the water — knowing that your location is always visible to the ones who matter most. Spend less time worrying, and more time reeling in trophies. And when you want to share a great fishing spot on the shore, just drop your Marker, name it, and share it with your fishing buddy. They will find that spot and return your Marker when they are done limiting out.

Operates Without Cellular Reception

The Bluetooth-enabled marker lets you share your last known location via the free Breadcrumb app when in cell coverage and can connect via Bluetooth, even in areas that don’t have cell service.

Equipped With Light & Sound Emitters

If the marker is out of eyesight, its 5 ultra-bright LED lights & sound emitter can be triggered to aid in the search.

Equipped With Light & Sound Beacons

Don’t let the darkness deter you from fishing at dusk.

Locks Out The Elements

The durable polycarbonate case & o-ring ensure your marker functions in the worst weather conditions.