We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
We just received an additional shipment of parts for our S/GT Nocks. This allotment will be the last available for the season.
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The Hunter

Even when you’re deep in the backcountry without cell service, your loved ones will be able to locate you with the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker.


Secure the device to yourself or your gear.

Track its location on the Breadcrumb app.

Activate the light and/or sound beacons to pinpoint its exact position.

Hunters have little time to spare while out in the field. Setting up a blind, tracking game, marking a blood trail — they all require your full attention. That means that planning for personal safety can often take a backseat. The Breadcrumb Location Marker lets you pair your device with your loved one’s smartphone via the free Breadcrumb app so that they can swiftly and effortlessly find you in the field if your hunt takes a turn.

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Mark What Matters Most

Using the Breadcrumb Bluetooth Location Marker is easy for everyone. Just pair the Bluetooth- enabled marker with a friend or family member’s smartphone, and attach the marker to your safety vest or pack. Its last-known location will be remembered on their phone, making it easy for them to find you if you don’t return home. Once they’re within 150 yards of the device, they can trigger its 5 ultra-bright LED lights and sound beacon — leaving out any guesswork while searching for your exact location. Sometimes the stalk intensifies, and you have to quickly drop your pack. You can use your Breadcrumb Location Marker to locate your pack in the dark, allowing you to get back to your essential items needed to get home. Have you ever had a friend try to join you during a hunt, but found it difficult to explain the exact position of your tree stand to them? The Breadcrumb Marker allows them to pinpoint the exact location of your stand from their smartphone, even in unfamiliar terrain. When they get within 100+ yards, they can activate the five LED lights and go directly into the stand without making noise or smelling up the place wandering around. Before hitting the backcountry, make sure you’re equipped with one of the most advantageous, cost-effective pieces of hunting gear available.

Operates Without Cellular Reception

The Bluetooth-enabled marker lets you share your last known location via the free Breadcrumb app when in cell coverage and can connect via Bluetooth, even in areas that don’t have cell service.

Equipped With Light & Sound Emitters

If the marker is out of eyesight, its 5 ultra-bright LED lights & sound emitter can be triggered to aid in the search.

Equipped With Light & Sound Beacons

Even when covered by foliage or snow, your device can still be easily located.

Locks Out The Elements

The durable polycarbonate case & o-ring ensure your marker functions in the worst weather conditions.